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T-Shirt Embroidery Printing

Embroidery is the most popular way to present logos, business names and promotional taglines on T-shirts. Embroidered T-shirts are great for enhancing your image and brand by giving a professional, distinctive and sophisticated look to your logo. Embroidery is also the best solution for sports and events. With all participants wearing the same shirt, embroidered logos will surely boost your brand awareness. On top of that, embroidery is most durable and doesn’t wear off.


Our T-shirt printing embroidery service is available for T-shirts, Polo shirts and other apparel items. To embroider your design, all you have to do is provide your artwork in a digital format such as a JPEG or Photoshop file. Our trained professional converts your artwork into a digital format such as a DST or EMB file so that it can be read by the embroidery machine. The digitizing process involves redrawing the design and plotting the type of stitch, stitch frequency and stitch size for the embroidery machine to read and follow. A backing is placed on the inner portion of the garment to keep the stitches together and make sure the design does not unravel.


Wah Mee Silkscreen also offers T-shirt screen printing and digital printing for larger designs and print detail. Our friendly representative will assist in identifying the right print method for your design. Wah Mee Silkscreen is the perfect place to have your printed T-shirt embroidered fast. Get a free quote today!

T-shirt embroidery printing