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Muslimah Dress

Muslimah dresses at Wah Mee Silk Screen are designed exclusively for Muslim women. We offer a wide array of modern and high quality women dresses for you to choose from. In multi-racial Singapore, there is a growing trend to dress fashionably as a muslimah while adhering to their faith. Good news is the fashion scene is always changing to serve this market segment. As we move into a new age, Muslim women can wear whatever they please while adhering to the Islamic dress code.


Our muslimah dresses help you to look stylish even when you have to wear the hijab. Classy and elegant, the silky piece is perfect for dressy occasions. Our dress can be matched easily with your choice of tudung, shawl and shoes such as heels, wedges, flats and platforms. Most importantly, we completely adhere to the Islamic dress code such that our clothing is neither translucent nor tight and it conceals the entire body except the face and hands. Our clothing is unique as compared to the clothing that is specific to the non-Muslims. You do not have to wear only black and dark colors because colors are available and permissible by Islam.


Wearing muslimah dress creates a healthy social environment with constructive morals, manners and values. Muslimahs are models of modest dressing and behavior. They are also admired for their intellect, personality and character. Moreover, many women find that people are more inclined to show good manners towards a woman in a scarf. Men open doors, give up seats on public transport and display other kind gestures that are only common in western communities.


Pick from our collection of Muslimah dress and experience the joy of looking stunning and chic while adhering to faith. In our online printing store here, we have a massive selection of trendy styles. Apply your own creative touch to create your personal style using our printing services – add your favorite logo, graphics and slogan to make it special. You can also design your own clothing for your family, ladies’ group or next big event.


Get a Quote today! We have knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives to provide you with design assistance and answer any questions you may have on muslimah dress.