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Are you looking for polo shirt printing for your team, group or event? You are at the right place! We have a wide variety of high quality polo shirts available at great prices. Since polo shirts never go out of style, they are perfect for various occasions – whether a club meeting or some special event. Customized polos are also great as a uniform that perfectly suits everybody and look much more professional than the ordinary T-shirt. Thanks to our different customization options, you can create a perfect polo shirt for your needs. Choose your color, fit, style, and don’t forget to add some graphics or a catchy phrase to make it truly yours.


Since its inception on the tennis courts during the early 1900s, polo shirts have been the starchy yet sportily casual marker for good manners, polished prep, and keen golf players. However, it’s one of the most versatile shirts any person can own! Combine it with your tennis shoes or leisure clothes and wear it anywhere from golf courses, tennis courts, and beaches to different outdoor meetings and events.


Wah Mee Silk Screen is the leading company that offers high-quality polo shirt printing in Singapore. Contact us today to get a quote and create a custom polo shirt in no time!