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Full Color T-Shirt Printing

Full color T-shirt printing

Full color T-shirt printing is also known as digital printing or direct-to-garment printing. It works in the same way as an inkjet printer on T-shirts. The clothing maintains its original texture and remains soft to the touch.


Full color T-shirt printing is the best choice for high resolution and detailed prints. It allows replicating detailed images onto your T-shirt. The cost of using this method is perfect for low order quantities because the minimum order is just one!


With full color T-shirt printing, you just have to provide us your artwork in the form of a photograph or other special graphic. Our expert designer will help you improve your design so that the finished product looks professional. Digital printing can print your design on anything, therefore you can personalize T-shirts, jackets, uniforms and more.


Full color T-shirt printing can be expensive for large quantities of T-shirts. In this case, screen printing will be a cheaper option. Digital printing is highly recommended for small orders with full color designs. Contact us if you are unsure and we will advise you according to your budget and requirements.